Meet Francine

Welcome to my blog!


I’m leaving medicine in search of a life with more freedom.  I love pontificating about life’s intricacies, philosophies, and simply, trying to answer the questions that make people say, “Hmmm, . . .” . Plus, I share my travels (with pics)!

This blog was born because I needed help. When I started to figure out that my career wasn’t fulfilling and it was time for a career pivot, I wanted guidance from a blog (or podcast or book, etc) from anyone with whom I resonated. Someone else who just got it.

I found bits and pieces from many people (THANK YOU!), but no one in the thick of it. No one who was mid-transition and willing to talk about the planning, struggle, and painful part of transitioning to a different career and lifestyle DURING THE PROCESS.

So here it is! Other random topics like birds, why flowers are overrated, and why Drake is mediocre (at best) may come up at times.  There may even be poetry.

Follow my journey, if you like. It’s not always going to pretty, but it will be the truth.


Musings of a curiosity explorer