Career pivot and change – the backstory

12/7/2016 with edits

My official last day of work as a full time physician is in 15 days! (Ahhh, so excited!)

How did I get to this point?

I definitely did NOT just decide on a whim to quit my job and travel to SE Asia for a couple of months.  I have many awesome and kickass traits, but risk-taking is definitely not one of them.

There are oodles of reasons why I’m leaving medicine but the nitty gritty analysis will be in a separate blog post(s).

Shifting out of my career first became a serious thought back in February 2015.  But to what? I started where most of us start when we don’t have an answer–I googled ‘how to find your passion’.  Of course, I had zero expectations that my search would yield anything significant.   More . . .

On Bangkok, Part 1

1/9/2016 – with minimal edits

My jet lag fog is finally dissolving today, my 5th day in Thailand.

Weekend #1 was spent in Bangkok, a city that’s grimy in a manner vaguely reminiscent of NYC in the 90s, with less crime and less opportunity .  A dull film of dirt  grays slightly worn facades, furthered washed out by smog.  Garbage occasionally floats down the street in the wind. From what I’ve heard, the smog isn’t as bad as Chinese cities but it’s a smelly step down in air quality from New York. More . . .

How to love being alone and mitigate loneliness

Lonely puppy, or the floor is cold and its 97 degrees out.

11/26/2016 – with a few edits.

Felt a bit lonely wandering the streets of Camdentown tonight.

Being alone is part of the human existence. We are born alone, we die alone, and ultimately we spend a great deal of the time in between searching for human connection.

Sometimes, under the guise of this noble quest for connection, what we actually are trying to erase or minimize is loneliness. However, if one of our most basic human instincts is to connect, it seems inevitable that we will fail occasionally. No one is perfect. More . . .

On Planning and how to hit goals

Purpose, passion, profession, mission, vocation



The banner picture for this post was taken by yours truly in London in late November 2016. If a sunny day in London can happen, anything can happen!

Last year, I set a few goals for 2016. With the exception of one (create a muse), I achieved them. Plus, the unlisted goal of quitting my job and planning my first solo international trip.

I’m confused about what should be my main focus this year. My goals so far include:

  1. Work that provides meaning for myself and the world
  2. Full time location independence
  3. Travel
  4. Financial Independence

These are obviously related goals. I’ve already achieved the travel one, with lots more travel left to plan! More . . .

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