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Looking for high level, compelling content for your site or business? I'm Francine and I create top-quality articles and blog posts about Big Life Ideas, Travel, and Biotechnology, each through the lens of practical philosophy and personal growth. Want to see what I mean? Click here for examples of the quality articles and blog content I can create for your business. I’m the founder of Onevolving, which began as a personal blog documenting my transition from full time Physician to Freelance Writer. With my educational background in medicine and my creative background as a poet and creative non-fiction writer, you’ll receive the perfect combination of clear, concise, and creative copy perfectly tailored to your voice and your mission. Email me to discuss your project at [email protected].


Working with me guarantees that you will receive a high level of professionalism and efficiency. You’ll receive top quality content to which I’m proud to attach my name.

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Grand Life Ideas
Grand life ideas from a practical philosophical and secular spiritual perspective for creators, entrepreneurs, and artists or anyone who just wants to grow and understand stuff.
Intentional Travel
Travel articles through the lens of philosophy and personal growth for solo travelers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and creatives who travel with intention.
Biotechnology Thinkpieces
Biotechnology, Health/Healthcare from a future-oriented physician through the lens of philosophy and spirituality for health nuts, tech geeks, or anyone with a pulse.

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I left medicine in search of a life with more freedom.  I love pontificating about life’s intricacies, philosophies, and simply trying to answer the questions that make people say, “Hmmm . . .”.

I write from a personal growth and practical philosophical approach to create content that makes your customer think deeply and feel connected to your product/service. And that connection is the key to making your sale.

If you are looking for a freelance writer to help you deeply connect with the people who are important to you, contact me to discuss your project.


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