On existence, or ‘I have this inkling’

11/3/16 –  with minimal edits.

When you think about it, the fact that each of us encounters any other specific person is incredible, given the number of people who have ever lived on earth. The fact that each of us is exists at the same time is a wonder.

This assumes reincarnation doesn’t exist and each soul is unique to its human body.  This also assumes that existence isn’t entirely random.  The human encounter is only a marvel if you believe in free will.  These are assumptions I neither refute nor accept, which is code for to be discussed in another post. More . . .

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On honesty, and following your gut instinct

11/1/2016- with minor edits.

What is the difference between thoughts in your head and thoughts on a piece of paper (or laptop screen)?  Rereading my writing helps to see how much or little I have progressed or more rarely (and fortunately), regressed.

Recently, I came across the concept that one reason why we are creative is to gain a better understanding of ourselves and our world. However, being honest, being brutally, utterly, and mercilessly honest may be the hardest element of writing.

We don’t consciously lie to ourselves but facing one’s own truth can bring incredible discomfort and pain.  It’s easier to ignore that nagging feeling in your gut or escape with Netflix, substances, or other soul numbing activities. I did it daily in and out of the hospital for over a decade. More . . .

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On starting a blog, and transitioning to freedom
Japan, Osaka, river, nature, blog

May 9, 2016 with minimal edits.

I’m starting a blog today.

Not sure what the theme of this blog is yet, but its purpose is to keep me writing. It’s also documentation of my career and life evolution.

I’m transitioning from doctor to entrepreneur, from the employee-employer relationship to being my own boss, and from trading time-for-money to developing passive income streams as a means of providing financial independence from my work as a physician.

Should I reveal my identity from the beginning or write anonymously? We introverts are repelled by the idea of being famous, but having a blog is hardly equal to fame.  Having a shitty blog is as ubiquitously 2012 as basic girls taking duckface selfies (which is happening in front of my me in this cafe  -_-). More . . .

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