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Hi, I’m Francine. I left my 13-year career in medicine in search of a life with more freedom. Freedom to pontificate about life’s intricacies, philosophies, and simply trying to answer the questions that make people say, “Hmmm, . . .”.

I write from a personal growth and practical philosophical approach to create content that makes your customer think deeply and feel connected to your product/service. And that connection is the key to making your sale.

My articles and blog posts deliver value for business blogs, e-journals, and e-magazines. True value means giving information, prompting internal and external reflection, and creating a connection between a customer and business.

We live in a world with no shortage of information available in the backs of our pockets. But, this information overload means that much of it is well, useless fluff.

This is the solution I provide for my clients: I prompt deep contemplation with great blog content. This allows for deeper consideration of your products, services, and experiences.

This leads to consistent, repeatable purchases because the existential and ethical value of your product is more aligned with the values of your consumer.

If you are looking for a freelance writer to help you deeply connect with the people who are important to you, contact me to discuss your project.


me, Francine Mends