On Planning and how to hit goals
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The banner picture for this post was taken by yours truly in London in late November 2016. If a sunny day in London can happen, anything can happen!

Last year, I set a few goals for 2016. With the exception of one (create a muse), I achieved them. Plus, the unlisted goal of quitting my job and planning my first solo international trip.

I’m confused about what should be my main focus this year. My goals so far include:

  1. Work that provides meaning for myself and the world
  2. Full time location independence
  3. Travel
  4. Financial Independence

These are obviously related goals. I’ve already achieved the travel one, with lots more travel left to plan! More . . .

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On existence, or ‘I have this inkling’

11/3/16 –  with minimal edits.

When you think about it, the fact that each of us encounters any other specific person is incredible, given the number of people who have ever lived on earth. The fact that each of us is exists at the same time is a wonder.

This assumes reincarnation doesn’t exist and each soul is unique to its human body.  This also assumes that existence isn’t entirely random.  The human encounter is only a marvel if you believe in free will.  These are assumptions I neither refute nor accept, which is code for to be discussed in another post. More . . .

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