On Tonsai Beach and Post-Thailand Life and Career Plans
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1/24/2017- The makeshift jungle bar that I’m currently nestled in is composed almost entirely of local sustainable wood and bamboo. I’ve stumbled upon this gem in the middle of the daily afternoon blackout; the beer is vaguely reminiscent of being cold. The wifi is down so I’m forced to scrawl chicken scratches in my trusty notebook.

Hippy dudes with blonde dreads play ping pong with carefree girls in bikini tops.  One ambitious woman dares tread a slack line in the back of the bar, with variable levels of success. The air is thick with tropical haze and the buzz of mosquitoes. The vibe is laissez-faire. More . . .

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3 Wrong Ways to Support Your Tribe (Plus The Right Way)
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Today, poolside in Ao Nang, Thailand, I opened a thoughtful email from an old friend. It got me thinking about one of the goals of this trip– to figure out my tribe.

My working definition of a tribe is a group of people who share like-minded personal aspirations. These people ACTIVELY support your growth, and you support theirs.

Not all friends and family are automatic members of your tribe. This is because of the key term ‘active’ as it relates to support.

Active vs Passive, Constructive vs Deconstructive

To explain active support, let’s borrow the concept of Active Constructive Responding conceived by psychologist Shelly Gable. More . . .

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On London, and what it means to be an artist


It’s Thanksgiving Day and I’m in London town.

I haven’t been to London since 2003. I like it, I guess, but it always felt remarkably similar to NYC.  Apart from seeing my family, there wasn’t much of a point in visiting.

It felt appropriate to get out of the US given the election results and the fact that Thanksgiving is largely a bullshit holiday, with the exception of the gratitude it should bring out in all of us.

I try to avoid being a traveler who seeks a replica of the place they live. I sometimes fail in this, because I enjoy a well-decorated, homey cafe. Neighborhoods with art galleries, fun little lounges with room for dancing and couches for chillin’, live music spots, and colorful locals are my jam and are some of my favorite elements of NYC. I find myself unconsciously seeking these places and people when I travel but I humbly accept their absence. Better yet, I love the local take on a familiar favorite. More . . .

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Why I Quit Medicine, Part 1

11/16/2016 -with edits

Technically, I just gave notice.  But it’s official, this will be my last full-time position as a traditional practicing physician.

There are multiple reasons why I’m leaving. When people ask what I don’t like about it, it’s almost easier to discuss what I still like, because it’s a much shorter list.

Instead, I rattle off a couple of random reasons related to whatever is annoying me at the moment. It could be my still exorbitant loan balance or the latest annoying inefficiency at the hospital that day. The exchange usually leaves me feeling that the person thinks I’m whiny or lazy, neither of which is true. More . . .

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